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Year: 1995
Media type: CD

Цена: 20.00 лв. (BGN)

Cat. No.: WIZ00003870
Genre: Black Metal/ Atmospheric/ Dark Metal

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Without doubt the foremost exponents of British Black Metal and one of the very biggest names of the genre in the international scene. CRADLE OF FILTH have built their reputation on hard gigging and inventive albums all aided by an impressive merchandising campaign with a vast range of deliberately provocative, but still highly creative, T-shirt slogans. One particular design, bearing the title "Jesus is a c**t", would land a whole crop of their fans in jail on blasphemy charges. Musically and lyrically CRADLE OF FILTH operate in majestic, obviously Gothic inspired realms, laced with vampyric ‘Hammer horror’ imagery.

CRADLE OF FILTH was created in Suffolk during 1991 by former PDA and FEAST ON EXCREMENT vocalist Dani Filth (a.k.a. Dani Lloyd Davey), guitarist Paul Ryan, bassist Jon Richard and drummer Darren Garden. Filth had also been involved with THE LEMON GROVE KIDS, a band titled after the Ray Dennis Steckler horror movie. At first the new unit went by the title BURIAL but, upon discovering the Liverpool act of the same name, adopted CRADLE OF FILTH. This inaugural line-up cut the opening demo ‘Invoking The Unclean’ in 1992, shortly after which second guitarist Robin Graves (real name Robin Mark Eaglestone), previously with MALICIOUS INTENT and NIGHTBREED, was added. Further rehearsal recordings were made titled ‘Black Goddess Rises’, including a cover version of MASSACRE's 'Dawn Of Eternity'. Also surfacing that year would be a split cassette entitled 'A Pungent And Sexual Miasma' shared with Middlesborough's MALEDICTION. Live work in the UK included supports to visiting Scandinavian acts CADAVER and RED HARVEST.

Another 1992 demo, the seven track ‘Orgiastic Pleasures’, ensued after which Jon Richard departed to create HECATE ENTHRONED, the band manoeuvring Graves to bass to plug the gap and drafting Paul Allender on second guitar and Benjamin Ryan on keyboards. CRADLE OF FILTH were to be the victims of an unfortunate historical faux pas the same year. Having contracted to the low budget Tombstone label the band recorded an intended debut album bearing the title 'Goetia'. When it became clear to the studio owners that Tombstone could not finance the finalised sessions the finished tapes were erased. It was to be the act’s third demo, ‘Total Fucking Darkness’ issued in December of 1993, that really set the mould for future works and scored a deal with Cacophonous Records. Former SOLEMN drummer Was Sarginson joined but lasted a handful of gigs.

The Cacophonous strategy was to introduce the band by way of a single but CRADLE OF FILTH took it upon themselves to up the ante and deliver a full-blown album. The debut, February 1994’s ’The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh’, found the band with yet another new face as Nicholas Barker took over the drum stool. For this outing the band credited their roles as Dani Filth "Dark Immortal Screams", Paul Allender "Despondent Night Chords", Benjamin Ryan "Gothic Vampiric Overtures", Robin Graves "Nocturnal Pulse", Paul Ryan "Satanic War Noise" with Nicholas delivering "Winter Evening Storms". Notably, Darren White of ANATHEMA guested on the track 'A Dream Of Wolves In The Snow' with other embellishments courtesy of singer Andrea Meyer-Haugen, known as "Nebelhexe" of HAGALAZ' RUNEDANCE, and cellist Soror Proselenos. . The closing track, ‘Imperium Tenebraum’, was credited to Frater Nihil (a.k.a. Neil Harding), reputed to be head priest of The Order of The Absu.

European touring in January of 1994 found CRADLE OF FILTH opening for AT THE GATES and ANATHEMA as well as providing the opening honours for EMPEROR’s first set of UK dates. The membership ructions did not stop, as Paul Ryan, Benjamin Ryan and Paul Allender all bailed out. This CRADLE OF FILTH triumvirate of refugees formed THE BLOOD DIVINE with ex-ANATHEMA vocalist Darren White in late 1995. Vowing to carry on Dani quickly filled the ranks with guitarists Stuart Anstis and Jared Demeter together with Darren Gregori on keyboards. (rumours abounded that ‘Jared Demeter’ was in actually Stuart Anstis). The first CRADLE OF FILTH CD bootleg arrived that year, simply titled 'Live In Berlin '95'.

The band’s second album ‘Vempire ...Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein’ was produced by ex-WITCHFINDER GENERAL, BAJJON and LIONSHEART bassist Zakk Bajjon and, in a trend which continues to this day, found the band utilising two female backing vocalists Sarah Jezebel Deva (Sarah Jane Ferridge) and Danielle Cneajna Cottington. Clocking in at a sparse 36 minutes, the band acknowledged that this outing was hastily conceived as a means of fulfilling their contractual obligations to Cacophonous, enabling a move onto greater things. The record included a re-worked version of ‘The Forest Whispers My Name’.

This effort found the band unit billed as Dani Filth "Sepulchral Voice", Stuart Anstis "Flesh Upon The Razor Wire", Damien Gregori "Poenarian Fugue And Choir", Robin Graves "Nocturnal Pulse", Jared Demeter "Funeral Dirge", Lady Jezebel Deva "Dulcet Ghostly Song", Cneajna "Seducer Of Ravens And Angels" and Nicholas "Impaler Troop Movements". Rishi Mehta was also a guitarist for CRADLE OF FILTH during 1994 but would unite with Benjamin Ryan and Zakk Bajjon to create CROWFOOT then RAINMAKER 888.

Just as media interest peaked on the Black Metal scene CRADLE OF FILTH found themselves embroiled for most of 1995 involved in legal proceedings against their record company. Some degree of relief was to be had with a batch of three UK gigs conducted alongside Sweden's notorious DISSECTION. With the release of the 'Vempire' album CRADLE OF FILTH quickly established themselves as the leading contenders in the Death Metal stakes and signed up to a bigger label Music For Nations replacing (?) Demeter with former SOLSTICE and SHIP OF FOOLS man Gian Pyres (real name John Piras) in the process.

The August 1996 album ‘Dusk And Her Dark Embrace ~Litanies Of Damnation, Death And The Darkly Erotic~', produced by Kit Woolven, better known for his mellower work, propelled the band into the mainstream garnering high sales globally. CRADLE OF FILTH's abilities had by now begun to catch up with their ambition and the group's third album witnessed a blooming of character. Not only did the band diversify into intriguing complexity, but songs also greatly accelerated in pace and Dani Filth's prose, loosely based upon the works of Sheridan Le Fanu, came to the fore. CD digipack versions added an extra bonus track in a re-recorded 'Nocturnal Supremacy' whilst Music For Nations also released a limited edition coffin shaped variant of the album, which added exclusive tracks in a take on SLAYER’s 'Hell Awaits', the instrumental 'Carmilla's Masque' and a revised version of ‘Nocturnal Supremacy’. Sarah Jezebel Deva once again featured and would become a staple part of the band’s recording and live line-up. Other vocal contributions came from Danielle Cneajna Cottington and Cronos of VENOM, the latter credited with a “war cry” on the song ‘Haunted Shores’. 'Dusk And Her Dark Embrace' gave CRADLE OF FILTH their first chart impressions, with a humble number 107 in their homeland whilst the keener Finns put the record into the top thirty.

In outside activities Graves created the side band DECEMBER MOON with former CRADLE OF FILTH drummer Was Sarginson for a 1996 album.

The band acquired American ex-BRUTALITY guitarist Brian Hipp for live work in 1996. CRADLE OF FILTH toured Europe in 1997 with dates in Austria supported by Doom merchants JACK FROST. Shortly after the band's appearance at the 1997 Milwaukee Metalfest they announced their new keyboard player as being erstwhile ANATHEMA and SHIP OF FOOLS member Les 'Lectar' Smith. Hipp would later be found as a member of DIABOLIC. The band's status was now such that two bootlegs entered the marketplace in 1997, 'I Raped The Virgin Mary And Hung The Bastard Christ' and 'Sodomizing The Virgin Vamps'. Meantime, London fan Rob Kenyon, aged 29, was found guilty of committing the offense "Profane Representation under the 1839 Act" for wearing the "Jesus is a c**t" T-shirt by Bow Street Magistrates Court. He was fined Ј150.

May 1998's 'Cruelty And The Beast' would see CRADLE OF FILTH reaching a peak of public awareness and sales. Conceptual in theme, the record hung on the grisly tale of the historical figure blood drinking noblewoman Erzebeth Bathory. CRADLE OF FILTH scored a significant coup in having actress Ingrid Pitt, who had portrayed Bathory in the 1971 Hammer horror movie ‘Countess Dracula’, to narrate passages. The group’s ploy of depicting the naked female form on album covers extended here to Erzebeth, as described in legend, bathing in virgins blood. Unfortunately 'Cruelty And The Beast' was marred by inadequate production, the band having opted to self-produce in collaboration with Jan Peter Genkel. The final results severely hampered Barker’s normally bombastic percussive work and would be picked up by many reviews.

Limited double CD versions came clad in all new artwork and hosting a bonus five tracks including covers of VENOM's ubiquitous 'Black Metal', IRON MAIDEN’s ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ and SODOM’s ‘Sodomy And Lust’ alongside ‘Lustmord And Wargasm (The Relicking Of Cadaverous Wounds)’ and ‘Twisting Further Nails (The Cruci-Fiction Mix)’. Another restricted release would be the gravestone edition, again including extra tracks to the regular release as well as portraitures of the band members as subjects of mock killings. Comments from Dani Filth suggested an attempt at rendering MANOWAR’s ‘Kill With Power’, although this has yet to surface.

Barker was to depart in early 1999 to another high profile Black Metal outfit DIMMU BORGIR and appearing as part of the highly successful LOCK UP collaboration with HYPOCRISY’s Peter Tдgtgren, NAPALM DEATH’s Shane Embury and Jesse Pintado. The ex drummer would also figure on the notorious ‘Mexican’ Death Metal band BRUJERIA’s ‘Brujerizmo’ album.

CRADLE OF FILTH meanwhile set to work on their next album title track, 'From The Cradle To Enslave' and accompanying first full length video directed by Alex Chandon of ‘Pervirella' fame, with the temporary employment of THE BLOOD DIVINE and DECEMBER MOON sticksman Wes Sargison. An even more temporary drummer was Dave Hirschheimer of INFESTATION.

By the summer of the same year the band fractured once again with both Gian Pyres and Hirschheimer departing, the drum stool now being occupied by former AT THE GATES man Adrian Erlandsson. CRADLE undertook American festival dates with a stand in session guitarist.

Allender was brought back into the ranks in late 1999 from his post THE BLOOD DIVINE act PRIMARY SLAVE as the band line-up splintered once more with Pyres returning to the fold. The turbulence was far from complete however with keyboard player Les Smith and guitarist Stuart Anstis both given their marching orders. Anstis would create the electronic act APHELION.

With all this turbulence the only new material to emerge would be two tracks on the ‘From The Cradle To Enslave’ EP, featuring the title track, 'Of Dark Blood and Fucking' plus covers of the MISFITS ‘Death Comes Ripping’ and ANATHEMA’s ‘Sleepless’. European versions also added a remix of the title cut re-billed 'Pervert's Church (From the Cradle To Deprave)' and a "Be Quick Or Be Dead" version of 'Funeral In Carpathia'. Former keyboard player Damien Gregori rejoined the band for these sessions. Predictably his tenure was brief, the man’s work only appearing on the American Metal Blade released version of the EP and the track 'Pervert's Church'.

CRADLE OF FILTH pulled in former MY DYING BRIDE keyboard player Mark De Sade (real name Mark Newby Robson) but after a handful of gigs his place was taken by another erstwhile MY DYING BRIDE man Martin Powell.

Limited edition’s of 2000’s ‘Midian’ included a cover of SABBAT’s ‘For Those Who Died’ with guest vocal from SABBAT and SKYCLAD vocalist Martin Walkyier. CRADLE OF FILTH toured Europe in late 2000 with guests veterans Gothics CHRISTIAN DEATH. There was a huge degree of fraternisation between the two bands as members of CRADLE OF FILTH including ex-drummer Was Sarginson appeared on CHRISTIAN DEATH’s 2000 album ‘Born Again Anti Christian’. Pyres would also guest on the EXTREME NOISE TERROR album 'Being And Nothing'.

The CRADLE OF FILTH line-up for the John Fryer produced 'Midian' album, issued on Halloween 2000, stood at Filth, Pyres, Allender, Graves, Powell and Erlandsson. Also involved in the project was actor Doug Bradley, famed for his role as the malevolent 'Pinhead' in the 'Hellraiser' movies, donating narrative parts. For their fourth full-length work, Cradle Of Filth tackled another ambitious concept stimulated by Clive Barker’s novel ‘Cabal’ and the subsequent celluloid version ‘Nightbreed’. Full scale European touring took the band throughout November and December.

In the summer of 2001 the band would offer up their take on New York 80's Glamsters TWISTED SISTER's 'The Fire Still Burns' to the Koch tribute album 'Twisted And Strange'.

CRADLE OF FILTH would assert their independence by creating their own imprint label AbraCadaver for release of the June 2001 'Bitter Suites To Succubi' mini album. This interim offering saw new material, including a sequel to 'The Black Goddess Rises', alongside re-workings of vintage cuts 'The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh' and 'Summer Dying Fast'. Also onboard would be two instrumentals and a rendition of THE SISTERS OF MERCY track 'No Time To Cry'. 'Bitter Suites To Succubi’s place in the Cradle Of Filth canon would be highlighted by the fact that it was the only successive recording crafted by a stable line-up from the previous release.

Live work would comprise of British and Japanese shows in April but then Robin 'Graves' Eaglsetone position was relinquished to former DREAMWEAVER and ANATHEMA bassist Dave Pybus during June for the American leg of the tour. Eaglestone was announced as joining the expatriated Chilean Death Metal band CRIMINAL. U.S. shows for CRADLE OF FILTH had rising Death Metal band NILE alongside GOD FORBID as support.

CRADLE OF FILTH, stepping into the breech left by the withdrawal of American acts after the September 11th terrorist attacks, would also appear as last minute substitutes on the massive 'Tattoo The Planet' European tour. Shortly after it would be announced that the band had signed to major label Sony for future product. Meantime Music For Nations weighed in with a lavish retrospective compilation 'Lovecraft & Witch Hearts' comprising Music For Nations catalogue tracks and a second disc of archive material, cover versions and remixes. Also released would be a monumental DVD package 'Heavy, Left Handed & Candid' centred upon concert footage from a Nottingham Rock City gig.

The band would appear at the world famous Castle Donington venue as part of the May 2002 OZZY OSBOURNE headlined 'Ozzfest' event. CRADLE OF FILTH put in a low key club gig at the Oxford Zodiac club, supported by Martin Walkyier's RETURN TO THE SABBAT, the night before 'Ozzfest' as a warm up.

Ex-CRADLE OF FILTH guitarist Stuart Anstis unveiled his new act BASTARDSUN, a union with Ross Adams, in July. That same month CRADLE OF FILTH unveiled details of their first official live album 'Live Bait For The Dead' set for August 2002 release. The bulk of the material was recorded live at Nottingham Rock City on April 14th 2001. The double CD set also comprised two more live tracks, recorded during soundchecks, alongside studio re-mixes of tracks from 'Bitter Suites To Succubi'. Also featured would be an alternate mix of THE SISTERS OF MERCY cover track 'No Time To Cry, the cover of TWISTED SISTER's 'The Fire Still Burns', a previously unavailable remix of 'From The Cradle To Enslave' and a studio demo of 'Scorched Earth Erotica'.

CRADLE OF FILTH entered Parkgate Studios in August to commence recording of the 'Damnation And A Day' album, a 17 track affair utilising the 40-piece Budapest Film Orchestra and 32-piece Budapest Film Choir and divided into four separate chapters, 'Fantasia Down', 'Paradise Lost', 'Sewer Side Up' and 'The Scented Garden'. Narration was donated by the late David McEwen, who had scored notoriety as the serial killer Kemper in 2001's 'Cradle Of Fear'. Mcewan also appeared in the promotional video for 'Her Ghost in the Fog', miming Doug Bradley's original vocal parts. Longstanding member Gian Pyres had made a break from the band before the end of the month, apparently in an amicable split over musical differences. The erstwhile guitarist subsequently joined CHRISTIAN DEATH.

A short run of December UK dates would be cancelled when it was learned Dani Filth was diagnosed with a respiratory condition. The gigs were re-scheduled for April 2003. European touring found veteran US Death Metal act IMMOLATION as openers. The band landed a major coup with their rather uncharacteristic daylight inclusion in the North American summer 'Ozzfest' tour and broke new ground for the genre by being the first Black Metal band to break into the Billboard top 200, 'Damnation And A Day' entering at number 140. A bout of November co-headlining US shows saw the band partnered with TYPE O NEGATIVE, Portuguese act MOONSPELL and Sweden's SOILWORK. In somewhat of an unexpected diversion Dani Filth made news as he was chosen as the voice of the lead character in the cartoon movie 'Dominator'.

CRADLE OF FILTH's collaboration with Sony ended in December as the band signed to to the major independent, Roadrunner Records, projecting a new studio album dubbed 'Nymphetamine' ("addiction to classical beauty") to be produced by ANTHRAX guitarist Rob Caggiano. Second guitarist James McIlroy (a.k.a. "Germs Warfare") would be introduced during these sessions. Recording would still be under way during May 2004 as final keyboard and vocal parts, including those of Sarah Jezebel Diva once again, were crafted ready for a final mix by Colin Richardson. Featured guest artist on the title track 'Nymphetamine (Overdose)' would be former THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and current LEAVES' EYES singer LIV KRISTINE. The Norwegian singer also graced the Dani Jacobs directed promotional video for this song, filmed in an underground vault near the London dungeons.

Japanese variants of 'Nymphetamine' added a cover version of BATHORY's 'Bestial Lust'. Although a new recording, this song had actually been committed to tape just prior to BATHORY mentor Quorthon's death. The album would shift 13,818 copies in its first week of US sales to debut at no. 89 on the national Billboard charts.

CRADLE OF FILTH's live campaign was to commence with shows in Greece, Thessaloniki and Athens, upfront of European Summer festival appearances, but with delays on the recording front these gigs were pulled. South American gigs in Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Brazil would be unveiled for September. Guitarist Paul Allender suffered a serious hand injury prior to the tour, necessitating the swift recruitment of Dan Turner, actually the band's sound engineer, as temporary replacement.

CRADLE OF FILTH's merchandise gave another fan, Norwich's Dale Wilson, a taste of the law when was arrested by two police officers, suitably on Halloween. Pleading guilty to "religiously aggravated offensive conduct" he would discharged after the presiding judge ordered the garment be destroyed. Wilson paid Ј150 costs and was advised to "grow up."

A European tour in December in alliance with TYPE O NEGATIVE was announced, and then postponed. Also in the works would be US shows projected as a partnership with MUDVAYNE. However, despite these reports, the band would finally announce their November 'Headbanger's Ball III' US touring partners to be ARCH ENEMY, BLEEDING THROUGH and HIMSA. One interruption came on 8th November when the Cincinnati, Ohio show was cancelled after a man was stabbed during a fight that occurred inside the club before the concert began.

In somewhat of an echo from the past, the band's proposed design for the first T-shirt to promote the single 'Gilded Cunt', set to feature the image of a bare breasted woman bleeding from between the legs on the front and adorned with the words "You Gilded Cunt" on the reverse, soon ran into controversy. This time the garment did not even reach public sale, with reports that workers at the merchandise company Blue Grape "downed tools in disgust".

An expanded version of 'Nymphetamine' arrived in March 2005 boasting a second disc of exclusive tracks. Included would be a remake of committed Christian, Sir CLIFF RICHARD's 1976 UK no. 1 hit 'Devil Woman', with guest vocals by KING DIAMOND. The band also created an animated video for the track based upon the characters in the 'Dominator' animated movie and comic series, which featured Dani Filth. Also included would be renditions of OZZY OSBOURNE's 'Mr. Crowley' and BATHORY's 'Bestial Lust', two brand new original compositions 'Prey' and 'Soft White Throat' and a remix of title track 'Nymphetamine' featuringvocalist Sarah Jezebel Diva, the original version of 'Nymphetamine' with vocals from Liv Kristine Espenaes and a remix of 'Filthy Little Secret' by Rob Caggiano. In December the CRADLE OF FILTH track 'Nymphetamine' would be nominated in the 'Best Metal Performance' category for the 47th annual Grammy Awards.

Leading Portuguese Gothic act MOONSPELL and Swedes THE HAUNTED would act as special guests to CRADLE OF FILTH for an extensive European 2005 tour commencing February through to April. However, longstanding bassist Dave Pybus relinquished his position in January, citing "personal reasons". For touring purposes the band pulled in Charles Hedger as substitute.

In September it was learned that erstwhile CRADLE OF FILTH personnel Martin Powell and James McIlroy had united with ex-HIMSA guitarist Matt Wicklund in a brand new band project called PREY. October found the infamous "Jesus is a c**t" T-shirt back in the news when 19 year old fan Adam Shepherd was convicted under new anti-hatred laws, designed to ban people from displaying religiously insulting signs. He was given 80 hours community service and told him to pay Ј40 costs.

The band revealed during November that album sessions had included a number of cover versions, including SAMHAIN's 'Halloween II' for inclusion on the soundtrack to the film 'Underworld: Evolution', SHAKESPEAR'S SISTER's 'Stay', once again featuring LEAVES' EYES singer LIV KRISTINE, and HEAVEN 17's 'Temptation' as a duet with Harry from DIRTY HARRY. CRADLE OF FILTH announced UK headline dates for December, dubbed 'Dreaming of a Shite Christmas', supported by Doomsters CATHEDRAL and Norwegian all female Doom band OCTAVIA SPERATI. To coincide, a DVD entitled 'Peace Through Superior Firepower' emerged, chronicling two sold out gigs in Paris that April, a historical documentary and the group's promotional videos.

Dani Filth donated his vocals to the ROADRUNNER UNITED 25th anniversary album 'The All-Stars Sessions', featuring on the track 'The Dawn Of A Golden Age' composed by Matthew Heafy of TRIVIUM. CRADLE OF FILTH morphed once again with touring bassist Charles Hedger replacing James McIlroy on guitar and Dave Pybus making a return on bass. Meantime, ex-bassist Robin Eaglestone, teamed up with Norwegian band GRIMFIST for European touring.

CRADLE OF FILTH would ensconce themselves in Lincolnshire's Chapel Studios with producer Rob Caggiano during early 2006 to cut a new album 'Thornography' for September issue. Sarah Jezebel Deva added her vocal contributions in mid-March, as did Ville Valo of H.I.M. on the song 'The Byronic Man'. In mid May the group announced that their original proposal for 'Thornography's album cover had been rejected by US label Roadrunner Records.


1. Ebony Dressed For Summer
2. The Forest Whispers My Name
3. Queen Of Winter
4. Throned
5. Nocturnal Supremacy
6. She Mourns A Lengthening Shadow
7. The Rape And Ruin Of Angels


Dani Filth (vocals)
Gian Pyres (guitar)
Paul Allender (guitar)
Dave Pybus (bass)
Martin Powell (keyboards)
Adrian Erlandsson (drums)

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